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Your fees sound too good to be true. What am I not getting?

Unlike our competitors, we work hard to manage our internal costs to provide a cost-effective staffing solution to organizations. Our service cycle offers all of the same services as our competitors. The only thing missing in our fees is inflated costs.

Do you offer a guarantee?

We work hard to place right talent the first time. However, should things not work out in the first 3 months, we will conduct a new search at no additional cost.

What type of fee structure do you offer?

We offer permanent placements on a flat-fee basis. This method allows us to offer a stress-fee value-add service to organizations unlike traditional sliding scale percentage formulas.


For roles under $50k, our flat-fee is $4000+ tax

For roles $50k and over, our flat-fee is $6000+ tax

What areas do you specialize in?

Our own professional experience in the business world, including as a hiring manager, allows us to have a keen eye for right talent in the following areas:  Customer Service/Call Centre, Administration/Data Entry, Human Resources and Case Management.

How do I get the ball rolling?

Feel free to call us at 647.794.7687 ext. 101. Alternatively, complete our Contact Form and we will get in touch with you.

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