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Professionals like YOU are not one dimensional. Neither should be your job search. We take a 3D approach to your career transition!

We realize the value of one’s career stretches far beyond a paycheque. We believe a career forms a large part of one’s self-concept and eventually becomes an extension of who we are.

We have career solutions for everyone!

Employment Status: Experience Level: Career Solutions:
Unemployed New Graduate Personalized resume and cover letter writing
Unhappily employed and looking to make a change, or Entry-level/Professional  LinkedIn profile development
 Under-employed and looking to progress within your career Management Interview coaching services
Executive Life Coaching & Strategies

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Ryan N.

Technical Support Specialist

I had the pleasure of working with Hayat HR. They really take pride in their work and it shows. They took the time to understand the image I was trying to portray and their knowledge of what companies are looking for is outstanding. I will use them in the future.

Tanya A.

Marketing & Brand Management Professional

Shereen was professional and friendly to work with. In our initial phone call, she provided me with much insight and guidance. The final result of my resume was impactful and included my feedback.

A La Carte Services



Our personalized resume writing services begin with an indepth review of your career history and goals.

Once we have gathered all pertinent information from you, we will create a resume tailored made just for you in response to a specific job advertisement of your choosing. By narrowing down your ideal role, we are able to be utilize a focused and strategic approach.

Your final resume will be delivered within 5-7 business days from our intake session; a draft version will be sent to you within 3 business days. You will receive your final resume in both Word and PDF format.

Get Started by selecting the appropriate resume service based on your experience level.

Cover Letter

Our 1-page personalized cover letter writing service provides an impactful introduction to your resume. We summarize your past successes and focus on sparking the interest of the employer.

 Your final cover letter will be delivered within 3 business days from our intake session; a draft version will be sent to you within 2 business days. Final version is delivered in Word format to allow client future customization.

Get Started by selecting the appropriate cover letter service based on your experience level.

LinkedIn Profile Writing

Chances are an employer will scope out your digital footprint before reaching a preliminary decision regarding your candidacy. LinkedIn is the major networking site for professionals and one of the top search results for your name. You can manage first impressions by enlisting our LinkedIn profile writing services.

We will partner with you to create personalized profile content that will complement your resume. Content will be uploaded to your profile within 5-7 days from our intake session.

Get Started by selecting the appropriate LinkedIn service based on your experience level.

Interview Coaching

Our 60-minute interview coaching sessions are designed to help you feel more confident and prepared for your phone and face-to-face interview.

We cover aspects including: how to ACE behavioural and situational questions; what questions to anticipate along with articulating a response; and help you prepare questions for the interviewer.

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Portfolio Packages

Take advantage of our portfolio packages which allow you to save while updating your entire professional portfolio.

Our portfolio packages include a personalize resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile writing services. Our completion time for all services is 7-10 business days from intake.

Get Started by selecting the appropriate package based on your experience level.

Don’t think you can afford our services? Ask yourself, can you afford to be unemployed? Are you ready to invest in your career?
According to Workopolis, the average wage for Canadian employees was $943 a week – or just over $49,000 a year. By enlisting our services, you *may be able to minimize your financial loss and maximize your gain.


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