Our Story

Did you know ‘Hayat’ is an Arabic word that translates into ‘Life’. We think it’s quite fitting as our career and professional success is a large component of our lives!

Careers are personal. And our love for careers is rooted in our personal story.

As daughters of an immigrant doctor who sacrificed his career to move his family to Canada in the early 90’s, we realized the value of one’s career and professional happiness at an early age.

Watching our father struggle in a new land– failing to understand the norms and culture around recruitment practices– inspired us to help others struggling with their careers. Because we understand that the value of a career stretches far beyond a paycheque. It forms our self-concept and eventually becomes an extension of who we are.

Joining the business world in 2004 and progressing into a management role provided us invaluable insight into managing and developing careers.

The 10+ years we have spent in the business world have allowed us to gain practical Human Resources and Career development expertise. We have managed, recruited and trained a diverse group of professionals while fostering strong relationships. We have also worked closely with employees to establish career goals and partnered with them to get achieve these goals.

In 2015, we decided to take our passion for careers and helping professionals and organizations to the next level. We launched Hayat HR, a dynamic consultancy offering Career, Staffing and Training solutions to professionals and organizations.

Our success rate has been incredible and has further fueled our passion to expand our reach in 2016. Our goal is to be recognized as a leading Staffing, Career and Training consultancy in the Durham and surrounding Greater Toronto Area.

We want to be in your corner. Whether you require resume writing services, support filling a key role within your organization or are looking to facilitate training, we can help!

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