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5 Tips to Boost your Job Search

Whether you are currently unemployed or employed and looking for a career boost, preparing a strategic job search plan is crucial to a positive outcome. There is no “one-size fits all” strategy either. You have to personalize your search based on your current professional goals, the economy, the latest employment and social media trends, among other factors. Below are 5 tips to help boost your job search and lead you to the path of long-term professional success!

1. If you are relying on job search engines when conducting your search, make sure you are considering all pertinent sites. Often, we become accustomed to the traditional sites, including websites like Indeed, Workopolis, Monster, etc. However, there are often plenty of job opportunities that are not directly posted on these sites. For example, posts ample jobs for the not-for-profit sector. In addition, LinkedIn allows for more than just networking opportunities, you can search jobs directly through their Job Search functionality. There are plenty of Government jobs also accessible through or check the site for your city where local  jobs are posted.

2. Contact anemployment agencythat specializes in your field of work and partner with them to discuss your career needs and identify suitable opportunities. More and more, corporations are sourcing their Recruitment & Selection needs to capable employment agencies. They receive requisitions from multiple clients regularly, so they become a one-stop job search partner and can become a great ally during a period of transition. Make sure you affiliate yourself with the right agency based on your field of specialization and their reputation. Your Staffing Consultant becomes an extension of your professional image, make sure you choose wisely! While not an exhaustive list, you can find some of the employment agencies by location or Industry through this site:

3. Networkingis key! You may feel quite alone during your job search, but in fact you are not. Chances are you have worked with someone who knows someone that is hiring! Make sure to connect with at least one person each day to discuss your job search and see if they can assist. Utilize your LinkedIn network. This doesn’t necessarily mean sending cold e-mails to people you don’t know. Instead, keep an eye on your LinkedIn feed for opportunities and reach out when you see something that suits your career needs. Attend conferences and seminars geared towards your profession. Not only will you expand your network, but you may walk yourself into a job opportunity!

4 .If you are actively job searching,make your search known! Update your LinkedIn profile to indicate that you are open to new opportunities. Let your friends and past professional contacts know. Don’t assume that people will know that you are looking. This will help increase your chances of being “found” within the applicant pool.

5. Utilize a mixed approach to your search strategy! If you are finding that you have tried one method for your job search and you are not seeing results, try another. If that one fails, try the next one. You may have to mix and match your approach. Also, remain persistent, don’t settle or lose faith in yourself. The right role will come along at the right time!

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