Dec 17, 2015 Blog 0 comment

Hayat HR partners with Durham community members to support the Syrian crisis

The success of our organization depends on the support of our community. As such, we look forward to opportunities where we can come together with our community to support worthy causes.

In September 2015, we had the privilege of organizing a fundraising event to support the Syrian crisis. Shereen partnered with Durham Region Muslim Moms to organize an Eid Mela (festival) with all proceeds raised going to support Lifeline Syria.

The event was a huge success raising over $1800 in a mere 3 hours. Our local events paper, snapd Ajax captured the event. In attendance were the Ajax Councillor, Shaun Collier, and Liberal party candidate Mark Holland.

We thank all community members for their active participation and generous donations. A special thanks to our highschool volunteers for coordinating the event.