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So, what did you get?


To my friends and colleagues celebrating, Merry Christmas!

I love this time of year and find it quite magical. For me, the experience is almost like experiencing childbirth all over again. An odd analogy, I know. But think about it. We are excited about the outcome but know the process will be painful. In the end, we only recall the high moments. I don’t think I am alone in experiencing a crazy cocktail of emotions – excitement, joy, anxiety, uncertainty. And regardless of the amount of planning, we are never sufficiently prepared.

While business generally starts to wind down, we, as professionals, never get the memo. We are busy planning for holiday festivities, feverishly buying gifts, thinking about the wants and desires of our family and loved ones and doing everything but slowing down.

Back to you now. What did you get this year?


Once the gifts under the tree have been unwrapped, it becomes important to make some time to take inventory of what we received. This exercise stretches far beyond the tangible gifts we unveil on Christmas morning.

These are the gifts that should not come as a suprise to us as they were crafted by us for us.

Make some time to reflect on the 364 days preceding this day. Reflect on all of the subjects and things you have attracted this year. While not an exhaustive list, think about all of the:

  • obstacles you have climbed
  • critical lessons you have learned
  • goals you have achieved
  • missed opportunities
  • clients/peers/mentors you have encountered

Once you have taken inventory, celebrate! Celebrate accomplishments, achievements and failures. Why would we want to celebrate failures?!Because once we realize a failing moment, this serves as our biggest learning opportunity. We have just identified a potential roadblock.

And in my opinion, SUCCESS IS HIDDEN BEHIND ROADBLOCKS! Once we implement some measures to either remove or work around that roadblock, we have attained success!

Failing to recognize roadblocks or failures that led to disappointment and implementing some workarounds can potentially lead to another year of disappointment.


So back to my question, did you get what you deserve? Here are my thoughts on this. For the most part, we always get what we deserve. Our actions, decisions and general disposition attracts things to us or detracts them.

We can take charge of our life experiences by living intentionally. To do this though, we need to have a clear vision and remain focused. A clear vision of the impact we want to make on our own lives and those of others. We need to empower ourselves to say ‘No’ to distractions and actively pursue those hidden gems that will help propel us forward.


So if you are brave enough, share with us what you received this year. Share with us your action plan to attract more of the same or detract that which you did not want.

Take control of your life and relish in the gifts and blessings! May 2016 be a year where you uncover talents that can make a profound impact on the lives of others. Be happy and make others happy!