May 13, 2015 Blog 0 comment

One life, multiple careers

We don’t dream the same dream each night. We can fall in love more than once.So why commit to one career for the remainder of our lives?

In certain industries, namely the entertainment industry, dual careers are very common. One may start off as a model and then slowly transition into the role of an actor and suddenly morph into a singer or fashion designer. We often don’t blink an eye at this type of a transition. It is some how acceptable and somewhat anticipated.

I have spoken with many professionals of late who are fulfilling two careers. Whether they are pursuing a role in accounting and real estate or teaching and I.T.  to do this successfully, they have identified their transferrable skills, passion and interests. Without a doubt, they have great organizational skills. And above all, determination to succeed in both arenas.

I would love to hear your feedback on dual careers. Specifically, in your opinion, what are some advantages and disadvantages of dual careers? If you could do anything else in addition to your primary career, what would you do and why?

If you have a dual career, we would love to hear from you. Share your comments below on why you decided on a dual career and what your experience has been like so far.