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Jan 04, 2016 Blog

Filling the Gap

In a few weeks, once Christmas and New Year’s festivities have passed us by, I anticipate seeing a flurry of tips and reminders geared towards job seekers looking for...

Jan 04, 2016 Blog

So, what did you get?

To my friends and colleagues celebrating, Merry Christmas! I love this time of year and find it quite magical. For me, the experience is almost like experiencing childbirth all over...

May 13, 2015 Blog

5 Tips to Boost your Job Search

Whether you are currently unemployed or employed and looking for a career boost, preparing a strategic job search plan is crucial to a positive outcome. There is no “one-size fits all” strategy either....

May 13, 2015 Blog

One life, multiple careers

We don’t dream the same dream each night. We can fall in love more than once.So why commit to one career for the remainder of our lives? In certain...

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